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More than smart, Growatt product show at REI EXPO

From 18th-20th September, the largest renewable energy exhibition in India- REI Expo was hold in Indian Expo Center located in Greater Noida, there are more than 30,000 professional attendees. Growatt has brought its innovative flagship products and impressed the attendees.

Elite products shows the innovations

Growatt has full range of inverters including residential, commercial, utility, energy storage and EV chargers designed for Indian tropical monsoon climate and the hot and humid environment. Growatt exhibits its 2500-6000 TL-X series, 3000-6000TL3-S series, 12000-15000TL3-S series, 20000-25000TL3-S, MAX50-80KTL3 LV series and EVA-07S EV AC charging station, showing its innovation and quality to customers.

[Residential inverter] Growatt2500-6000 TL-X series have 1.4 times oversizing capability on DC side and 1.1 times oversizing capability on AC side. Its light polymer body and unique touch OLED display can significantly improve customer experience.


Growatt 3000-6000TL3-S series is with high efficiency up to 98%, and Growatt 17000-25000TL3-S series has many excellent features including multiple MPPTs, built-in DC switch, transformerless design, six strings fault detection and fuse protection, it is highest in power density in industry, safe and reliable and smart in O&M.


[Growatt EVA-07S EV AC charging station] combining solar, storage and EV charging. It not only promotes the energy storage technological development and also can provide renewable energy for electric car charging station, improves the energy conversion efficiency. EVA AC charging station is easy for installation, has intelligent management in human-machine interface, remote control, IP65 protection level, multiple electric protection, temperature protection, harsh environment tolerance and also is compatible with OCCP v1.6 standard communication protocol.


[Commercial inverter] Smoking hot in Growatt booth, with bunch of industry leading technologies, Growatt MAX series 50-80kW smart inverter is with features like remarkable euro-efficiency of 98.5%, six MPPTs, active reactive power compensation, fault recording, smart electricity quality optimization, smart IV scan and diagnose and smart string monitoring. along with Growatt Online Service System it can help commercial users to monitor the solar generation, storage, distribution and consumption and get data analysis like power consumption analysis and power saving reports, it can easily improve the system working efficiency for commercial users.


Top 3 in India rooftop solar market


By unveiling the flagship products, Growatt shows its strong R&D capability and forward-looking in the renewable energy industry. Growatt is taking the leading position in the fierce competitions with its innovative technology and global vision. According to Bridge to India, Growatt is the largest Chinese rooftop inverter manufacturer in India. globalization as our key strategy, Growatt keeps on enhancing our local operation capability, with a service center in Hyderabad, now Growatt is able to provide our Indian customers prompt services. Growatt India national technical training road shows are on-going, more and more activities coming soon.