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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I connect inverter via RS232 or RS485?

      Please check your RS232 wire is connected directly, the cable length is recommended less than 25m. Make sure cable is working and functioning correctly. If doesn’t, should change the cable. Some serial adapters can cause communication problems. Try using another computer or laptop for testing. If you have access to a serial port loopback tester / analyzer, use that to confirm that there is no problem with the port / cable. Finishing the cable. Most cables are adequate up to 15 meters. If you have a long cable, do NOT coil it, as it can increase capacitance, and then corrupt data. If it passes close to many electrical cables, or inductor motors, such as washing machines and refrigerators, they can also cause interference. We suggest you limit the cable to 15 meters. If you are using a RS232-to-USB converter, make sure the driver had been installed properly. Check the serial port status and COM number in Device Management->Port (COM and LPT). In addition, watch screen of the inverter to make sure inverter’s COM address had been set to “COM Address: xx” (Fixed address, example, COM Address: 01)

  • Do you have free solution for monitoring?

      Answer: ShineNet is an inverter monitoring software run in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 operating system. It can monitor inverter via RS232 (or RS232 convert to USB cable) and RS485 wire connection. Customers can purchase the cable locally to get the inverter monitored, it is simple.

  • Does Growatt have monitoring solutions for plant scale system?

      Answer: We provide a smart device named Shine Webbox. This is a monitoring device specially for plant scale systems. It can monitor maximum 32 units in specified condition (via RS485), and maximum 15 units wirelessly at the same time (via ZigBee module). Shine Webbox has integrated a network server, customers can browse monitored data easily in local area network. It also can upload monitored data to Internet (ShineServer) so customers can access to the data when travel worldwide. For more information about the above device, please refer to “Product” web page.

  • Does Growatt have monitoring solutions for residential system?

      Answer: For small rating system, we have wired two monitoring solution (ShineNet via RS232 or RS485). a)Local wireless monitoring solution (ShineVision via RF module communication) b)Global wireless monitoring solution (WiFi Module via WiFi network). The WiFi Module can talk to customer’s residential router and upload monitored data to Internet based ShineServer, thus customers can browse the data in wherever there is Internet access service.

  • Is there other kind of software that customers can use to design a system for Growatt inverters?

      Answer: Valentin PVSOL is a very popular PV system design software in Europe. The lastest software integrated Growatt inverters parameters, users can download the software from its website.

  • Are there any design tool and how to use ShineDesign?

      Answer: ShineDesign is the system design software just for Growatt inverters. It can conduct installers to figure out panel numbers for a system, panel numbers for each string, and which inverter model is suitable for the system. Moreover, it can print a design report after input all necessary parameters, can calculate DC/AC wire wastage, annual generation, etc. Users can click “Download” on the website to get the software and user manual. Follow the manual everyone can design easily by himself.