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Growatt Rolls Out Brand New Smart EV Charger

Date: 2021-11-24

Growatt, the global leading manufacturer and supplier of PV inverters and energy storage systems rolls out its brand new smart EV charger THOR series in order to power green travel with renewable energy. With extensive compatibility, THOR can be used in all branded solar systems and EVs for both residential and commercial scenarios. There are two types of chargers for customers to choose from — AC EV charger (3/7kW version and 11/22kW version) and DC EV charger.

Sleek Design 

THOR applies white color and arc shapes to create a simple yet fashionable look. Its front panel integrates a touch screen and a card reading area, catering to customers’ needs for optimal user experience.

Easy Control

THOR is integrated into ‘GroHome’, an IoT system developed by Growatt, which allows users to conduct Remote Control, Multi-zone Control, Voice Control, Hotkey and Smart Scheduling on their user end devices. With the ‘ShinePhone’ app, users can remotely control and monitor the real-time status of charging as well as schedule different charging modes through multiple connection methods, including WiFi, LAN port and 4G.

Smart Charging

THOR supports three different charging modes — Fast Mode, Off-Peak Mode and PV Linkage Mode. With Fast Mode, the EVs can be charged with maximum speed, while Off-Peak Mode allows users to charge their EVs during off-peak hours with less charges from the grid.

PV Linkage Mode is the highlight of THOR and it’s what makes THOR a more favorable EV charger to the customers. When combined with PV system, it enables the charger to harness the power solely from solar to charge the EV and meanwhile realize a higher solar self-consumption rate and zero charge from the grid.


Enhanced Safety 

THOR’s advanced built-in type A+ 6mA DC fault protection saves the cost of installing an extra 6mA DC RCD, while its smart load balancing function can adjust its charging power dynamically according to the limited home power and avoid breaking the fuse and causing power outage, making it safe to use for customers.

Source: pv-tech